Application Development

In today’s fast-paced world people are wondering what really is app development. Application development is the process of making or creating an application to run on various platforms. A mobile platform is a mobile operating system. Apple’s mobile operating system is called iOS, Google’s mobile platform is Android, RIM has Blackberry, and Windows has Windows Mobile.


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Each platform has its own rules, regulations, and requirements to make a mobile application. For instance, iOS mobile apps require the use of Objective C, whereas Android mobile applications use Java.

This is very important to understand because when making an application for mobile app development on the various mobile platforms you cannot just make one app and port it over to the next platform. In addition, you must consider what application stores you wish to have your mobile application highlighted in. Each mobile application store has its own requirements and mobile applications must meet the requirements for the mobile platform.

Virtual Technology Networks is a market leader in business applications developments for your Smartphone or Android to keep you in contact with your business wherever you are. In the slideshow, you can see a few of our latest project examples.

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